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Day 399, April 20, 2021

Dreams and Rides Tonight's Soundtrack: BSO 100th Anniversary Concert, 1981 Bo Youp Hwang circa 1981 After a relatively sedentary year of not much more than dog walks, I went on my first real rides of the year  this weekend. The e-bike experience is exhilarating and freeing. I was able to go for a 10 mile ride, and the next day a 13 mile ride, both heading over Cave Hill Road past the Leverett Peace Pagoda, and the Dakin Animal Shelter, down to the Leverett Library.  For most of the rides I stayed on the Eco setting, which is the lowest level of assistance, and only bumped it up to the second and third levels when I headed up the long steep hills, and of course turned it off while going downhill. Basically, what this means is that out-of-shape-Leo was able to keep up with his average speed for in-shape-Leo even with a giant hill in the way. I still felt like I was getting exercise, albeit, not at the full acoustic level. And on the last leg of the way home, I did try the turbo level

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