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Day 220, October 22, 2020

Becoming TransparentToday's soundtrack: R. L. Burnside, 1984The Chevy Nova was a recovered stolen car. It was from the Toyota era of Novas, so really it was a rebadged Toyota Corolla that some kids had taken for a joy ride and managed to do fly off a jump, or driven down a set of stone stairs at a park, or had tried to drift before slamming into a curb. In any case, the end result was that the frame was permanently bent slightly askew, and driving down the street the car was always at a slight angle. Like its Spanish name, the car had the nasty habit of stalling at inopportune moments and it was always unclear when and if it would start again.At the time, I lived in Shutesbury in a house my friend Ed sublet to us when he was laid off and moved back to Maryland. Ed was a phenomenal drummer, whose dad was a big band jazz drummer. Ed sold industrial toiletries to all the local restaurants and he was always treated like a family friend whenever we went out to eat with him. The house w…

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