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Day 347, February 25, 2021

That Sheen Tonight's soundtrack: The Jim Hall Trio, Budapest, 2010 The other day while Zooming with my parents, we started talking about some of the neighbors I grew up with. My friend Matthew came from, what I imagined to be a quintessential American family. He was kinder than all the other neighbors, and was one of those children that just seemed to have a gentle and ethical soul. I have no idea how things turned out for him, or what he became, but as a kid, he was a nice respite from the bullies and meanies. The snow is melting! Matthew's family was large, with enough kids that they expanded beyond my frame of reference in my pre-teen years. There were at least two older siblings, perhaps more. Matthew's father was a bigwig for Raytheon. I had no idea what Raytheon made at the time, but what it did mean was that Matthew's house had the first microwave in the neighborhood. It was a giant industrial looking thing, large enough to fit a turkey in, it seemed, but we alwa

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