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Day 189, September 21, 2020

The Box FactoryToday's soundtrack: Return to Forever: Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meal, Lenny White 43rd Heineken Jazzaldia, San Sebastian, Spain, 2008We had two friends come over for a socially distanced dinner outside last night and I spent two days preparing and drawing from the flavors of my childhood. The flavors were all slightly evolved, but they stemmed from that same memory well. Again, I return to my mom's story, where she claims she came to this country not knowing how to cook Korean food, and figured it out on her own with what she had. She claims they spent a year living on bologna. The thing about Korean food is that it is labor intensive. I can see how the temptation to cut corners, make a process quicker, would alter the food chemistry and change how all the various pieces fit together. For example, I remember how my mother used to soak mung beans overnight, and then spend a long time with the blender grinding up all the beans into a slurry that formed …

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