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Day 73, May 28, 2020

Productivity We all have visions of how productive we could be if things were different. My list includes: Reorganize the basementRide my bike every dayGo for a walk every dayStart writing fiction againMake a solo albumMake collaborative music videosRevise poems into a collectionPower wash the side of the houseGet the driveway redoneTear down and make a new shedFinish raking the yardRedo the trail down to the riverMake a fire in the fire pit, either fire pit...Learn a new song, or take a song and make it betterRespond to the 10 influential album thing on Facebook I was nominated to do by Laura, Daniel, and ClaiborneRead some of the books on my to-read pileCook something delicious Clearly, this is not a prioritized list. I suppose I could start to organize it from easy to hard, and that would help a little. But the reality is that the pandemic has impacted us all differently depending on whether one has little children, sick relatives or family members, live by one's self, are in t…

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