Day 999, March 9, 2023

Look to the Stars

There is still the beating heart. 
The weary day is not so terrible, 
it is just soft and pliant 
like the sugar wrapped around a big industrial sized taffy machine. 
Sometimes it is hard to tell what will make one 
day worth more than another. 

A few minutes of imagining an old lady 
in a nursing home 
meeting her lover for breakfast in the cafeteria. 

Producing something that did not exist before. 
A chicken’s morning nonchalance. 
The scallion stems sitting in a jar of water. 

Even with the evidence, 
it is all too easy to forget and treat the day 
as a thing dreary 
and consumed like a bowl of raw sunflower seeds. 

A vocal coach will hold sessions with the stars 
in their hotel room. 
Someone to remind one how incredible this life is. 
All your life 
you have dreamed of this moment. 
And now you are here. 

Sometimes we forget that. 


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