Day 949, January 17, 2023


The same algorithm that shows me ads 
for men’s underwear 
and off brand viagra 
also promotes wool slippers 
and extravagantly patterned cardigans. 

Titillate or lull. 
That is the age I am at, 

Where are the vacations in Turin, 
the scuba diving lessons, 
the vision quests? 
Who needs a self improvement aid 
guaranteed to do something in eight weeks, 
at this stage? 

I’m tired and have had a low level sore throat for weeks. 
My body is doing something. 

When I close my eyes 
the ticking of the wood stove lurches 
like an intoxicated metronome. 
The fan of the humidifier 
is the distant burble of a hot tub. 
A man walks by in yellow striped speedo briefs 
and drops into the water. 

The dog sleeping on my lap 
is slowly weaving threads of hair into my sweater. 

my feet have a slight chill, 
but relish in the freedom. 

Morning Moon


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