Day 937, January 5, 2023

Explaining Crab Rangoon

I am a diligent worker, 
and today I am finally only one day behind in emails. 
I wrote the date correctly on the first try 
for the first time of the year. 

There is a bare spruce tree sitting 
in the corner of the living room. 

It is hard work integrating new rituals into one’s day. 
The brain breathes with greater exertion, 
the body yearns for a nap. 

On the floor of my car this morning 
was a toilet paper roll, 
a disposable razor, 
and a dead mouse with cloudy eyes. 

I miss resiliency, 
but I am enjoying the silence. 
When there is silence. 

I have been re-acquiring heavy objects 
that are much harder to move at this age. 
I am tempted by the substance 
and imagine the fantasies of a younger self. 

I tried to describe crab rangoon to my son, 
who does not eat animals, 
and failed.


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