Day 902, December 1, 2022


It is hard to sit in a virtual room, 
the way weariness wears down the facade 
until it is only bone and sinew showing, 
and who wants to live like that? 
Other days, 
my attention is pulled to the email, 
the task at hand, 
the setting sun, 
a cyclist riding down the middle of the road, 
a resting flock of geese, 
a granola bar in impenetrable packaging, 
resisting using a toothpick/flosser while on camera, 
the dust lightly coating the telephone except for the receiver, 
how warm the headphones keep my ears in a cold office. 
Or sometimes, 
on a day like today, 
the technology doesn’t connect 
and I am unable to be present, 
am counted as absent. 
For a moment, 
it is like desperation, 
and then 
it is relief, 
to let go and float adrift 
for just a few moments. 
It is like the smell of hot coffee.


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