Day 858, November 7, 2022

Climate Talk

The president has been given the talk.
I got dressed twice today. 

It was that kind of a day.

Like when you wake up and slip into your pajamas and bathrobe, 
and you go downstairs because you are going to work on some recording 
while everyone else in the house is sound asleep, 

but then you realize, 

it is a work day and you are supposed to be in the shower. 

It is like that, except, 
I got dressed in my cycling gear, 
wool socks, padded shorts.
I debated a long time about what to wear on top 
and ended up wearing a neon yellow biking shirt. 
Finally, I pulled on the long pants. 
I gathered my work clothes and the warm cycling gear for later, 
it would grow chilly once the sun set. 
I packed my breakfast and lunch, 
loaded everything into panniers, 
then carried the bike out of the basement. 
I loaded panniers onto the rack, 
gloves onto hands, 
and then realized I had not charged the bicycle. 

I was already starting to sweat. 

I put the bike away, 
everything came out of the bags, 
I changed out of my cycling clothes and donned my work clothes. 
I took out my breakfast and tucked it into the refrigerator for another day, 
and had a bowl of cereal and a coffee. 
The cereal was disappointing.

It was seventy one degrees today. 
A rhododendron was starting to bloom 
on the seventh day of November. 


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