Day 845, October 25, 2022

Trouble With Counting

It is possible I have lost track of the days. 
I am surprised that it is Friday. 

Sometimes, I pause typing in the days date, 
scanning my mind, 
what day was it yesterday? 

it is entirely possible that in the counting of days, 
I missed one. 
Or in the calculation of missed dates, 
in the subtraction and addition, 
I have misconceived a place in time. 

How old is my car? 
How many years have I lived in this house? 
How many Holiday parties have I attended at the new job? 

Everything feels longer than it has been. 

New rotaries have been built, 
restaurants have closed, 
and coffee shops have been rebranded. 

it is hard to recognize where you are. 

The autumn has fallen, 
a thick layering of leaves on the lawn. 
I should run the mower over them this weekend, 
churn a deciduous mulch. 
The gutters are probably lousy with leaves. 

This is how I measure time now, 
the color of leaves on the ground.


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