Day 832, October 12, 2022

The Shepherd 

“The pandemic changed people,” she said. “All that time isolated from anyone else. If you looked at him you would never say he wasn’t fit.”

“Is it cold out?”

“I was out just a little bit ago, it wasn’t bad, mild, but it’s going to get dark.”

They stared out the window at the shadows on the street, the passing cars, the people. 

“The funny thing is, I am suddenly seeing names, people I haven’t seen in decades. People are sharing stories, poems. It has been a strange week.”

“It is a reminder of one’s own mortality.”

“Yes.” He touched the cuff of his sleeve where a fleck of ground espresso made a tiny stain. “It seems he made a lot of people laugh. But he also seemed sad.” And he thought of his own sadness, and how tired he might be.



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