Day 824, October 4, 2022


Cold that causes muscles to seize. 
A seam of belly showing on a young body. 
Carousel of rice, pork, egg rolls, chicken wings, fajitas, and vegetarian lasagna. 
Technical issues and a camera focused on a man’s tie. 
Choosing a seat by avoiding the heavily perfumed. 
The rain is nearly imaginary. 
Sometimes people talk about the things they overhear. 
Stamina is sometimes measured in the number of returns. 
Return, return, return. 
The woman and the man ran out of things to say. 
The woman and the man ran out of time just as they ran out of things to say. 
Sometimes fiction ends with a sinking below the surface. 
Sometimes cooking is nearly dangerous. 
Sometimes there are large animals lurking just beyond the circle of light. 
The fire almost took. 
The carpet needed the vacuum. 
The sky needed the stars. 
The chicken cooed as she was shut in for the night.

Portrait of Franklin by Anya Malkin


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