Day 775, August 16, 2022

Emerald Green Thought

A thought was an emerald green hummingbird 
that crossed my path and followed my gait 
for a moment or two. 

Red breasted. 

I was thinking of royalty today. 
I was thinking about a telephone call I needed to make. 
I was choosing dates from a calendar two months from now. 

Coming home, 
I count the deer I pass and shout a little hello. 

I think buck bodies are more rectangular. 

The idea left as fleetingly as a furtive handshake. 

And class and caste. 

An Audi station wagon speeds unnecessarily fast 
on a small meadow road, 
it looks nearly at a loss of control. 

A freshly paved stretch of asphalt is a river of pleasure. 

There is tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. 
There is the ruby-throated hummingbird, and then it is gone.


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