Day 680 May 13, 2022


In case I want to remember, today was the first 80 degree day of the year. I pulled a pair of shorts out of the plastic bin that serves as the dual purpose of Junebug’s throne and storage for swimming trunks, low cut socks, reserve t-shirts, short sleeve button down shirts, and shorts. I did wear biking shorts on the ride home yesterday, so it is not my first bare legged day, but even so, it felt languid and sleepy and I spent more time resting than I meant to before doing a little work. Campus was closed for graduation so I got to watch the chickens through the bedroom window, do a load of laundry, iron, and eat a casual breakfast. On social media, you can see the memories of men and it is strange. Photographs from before someone died. The ritual a dog once brought to someone’s life. I am cautious about my own. Fearful of who might appear, or the extended story of a day that did not end well, or a day that ended so well that it fills the sky with yearning. It is early in the evening and the air is cooling. I find myself an iced drink and think about tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be a reader of names. My memory years from now will mention that and show a photograph of an empty arena and I will try hard to remember my thoughts that day, something a student whispered in my ear before they crossed the stage, how at the end of a long day, I rewarded myself with something icy and cool.


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