Day 578, January 31, 2022

Tears for the Day

This morning I finished the last of a large container of conditioner. It felt like an achievement. Today is paper recycling. I got my teeth cleaned and they polished them for the first time since the pandemic started. I cut six or seven cloves of garlic, two onions, three potatoes, and a bundle of thick tumescent carrots for a large pot of curry. Sometimes I wave to people on Zoom and I don’t know if anybody ever notices. My nurse this morning was hurried and it made it hard to get dressed. I dropped my tie on the floor. The Russian lady who sells me my salad explained that, because of Covid, they are selling pre-made salads so you didn’t have to wait in line. I mis-gendered someone’s child. A red tailed hawk landed on the chicken coop. There are still five chickens. Yesterday, the snowblower started on the first pull and the day before that, it snowed and I ate a great many chocolate chip cookies. 


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