Day 454, September 22, 2021

What to Do

What to do if you are tired, 
or anxious, 
or scared.

Pound a chicken breast 
down to a 1/4” thick 
with the bottom of a Mason jar.
Spread it with mayonnaise 
and sprinkle with panko.

Eat a second chocolate chip cookie 
and pretend it is the first.

Shake hands with strangers 
with the determination of
diving into a cold ocean.

Imagine alternate realities 
where you took advantage 
of every opportunity that presented itself, 
and you never made a fool of yourself, 
and you didn’t turn away other people’s  love.

Eat lunch outside 
by yourself 
on a marble step.

Don’t check the mousetraps 
in your car.

Drink a glass of cold juice 
with ice.

Imagine you are still young 
and not tired and sore 
and finding hard to keep your eyes open.

Relish the quiet extra moments, 
the accidental touches, 
the whispered words, 
the moment you were remembered.

Take care and be well,

Big egg, old chicken. Small egg, new chicken.


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