Day 453, September 22, 2021

Careful in the Shower

It is colder in the mornings now, in the 50s, and I’ve upgraded to wearing base layers, a tip from Amanda. My wool ones are on order, but for now I’m donning an extra layer of synthetic long underwear for the morning ride and it makes things so much more pleasant. Over the base layers are track pants and a light wind breaking jacket. It is just a little brisk until my body warms up, then I might loosen a zipper and let some of the cool air in on the glide down the far side of Cave Hill Road.

In the morning the humidity is high and the changes in temperature and elevation create these micro inflection points where suddenly the air is saturated with needles of moisture that freckle my face and glasses. It feels nearly like swimming on two wheels. And it is refreshing.

A moment later, the moisture is gone and I might stop to wipe my glasses clear, or I might just rub a little with the soft portion of my riding gloves and continue on.

I rode gently today because I still have a neck crick. I woke up in the middle of night in pain. Stretching and rubbing helps a little, but it is being stubborn. I may need to seek the help of a chiropractor or massage therapist. It is surprising how frail we are sometimes. A little thing, like looking at my belly button wrong while in the shower can make things a struggle for five days now. Be careful looking at your belly button.

The next three days look like rain, so I’ll drive and walk with an umbrella. I’ll take less pictures. And talk to no turkeys.

Take care and be well,


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