Day 447, September 15, 2021

Waiting for Rain

People leaving early

For the storm

Eat candy

And leave the door open

To the great emptiness

That I lock and seal shut.

The sky looks like 

Spilled ink

And it makes people

Walk with purpose.

Maybe there is something

In the distance.

Maybe there is a butterfly

Careening in soothing

And then frenzied 

Figure eights.

A lemniscate.

I hope the rain will

Wash the dust from 

The windows on my car

Like a decent thought,

One that prevents people from dying,

Reignites love,

Tastes like ocean.

Still we wait.

While I cook dinner

The dog barks once, 


At the distant thunder,

But that is all.

Seals at the Mystic Aquarium


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