Day 446, September 14, 2021

Too Much Sun

I’ve realized that I probably need to change the name of my blog. I suppose it is now the Dean at Home the Dean at Work Blog, or something else catchy like that. I’ll have to dwell on it.

On my ride home today I passed the carcass of a beautiful snake with a striking pattern of maroon diamonds. I hesitated to stop in the middle of the road to take a picture, but like this morning, when I passed someone’s cable lock in the road, I pedaled on. I did stop to peek inside a guitar case propped against a free pile (it was empty), and then regretted not stopping to pay respects to the snake.

There was also a deer gingerly picking her way into the woods, and several rafts of turkeys. 

Among the honors bestowed upon 50 year olds, is the shingles vaccine, and I got my first shot today. I also added one additional pushup to my routine, and when I sat outside eating my lunch, I felt older and like I needed to avert my gaze a little more often to avoid appearing like a lecherous old man.

Tomorrow will probably feel like just another day. But, today, after a weekend away at the beach, visiting an aquarium, eating too much rich food, today felt like a return to society, like reintegrating from a trip to another planet. I wanted to whisper to someone, two days ago, I was sitting on a beach and read until my eyes were too tired. 

Every year should be memorialized in some special way. Too often we brush a birthday off as if it is nothing special. But for certain, now, in this time of so much loss, of so much vulnerability, each year is precious and holds the promise of something more. Each year should be celebrated by posing next to a gregarious beluga whale, or teasing apart a tasty chocolate chip cookie, or sitting on a beach wearing a Speedo, because, when else will such things happen?

Take care and be well,


one brown hen
comes to the name, Chicken
or the sound of scratch in a plastic yogurt container
she will tap playfully at the bottom of the container with her beak
until you sprinkle the treats on the ground
she will tolerate a few gentle strokes
and will playfully nip at your hand.


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