Day 506, August 5, 2021


I drove my car in this morning because of a prediction of rain that never seemed to manifest other than a brief morning misty drizzle. I used the opportunity to explore an alternate route to work. Starting tomorrow, a large section of road leading out of Leverett into Amherst will be closed for roadwork. 

My new route, is an old trek I remembered from when I lived in Leverett and a bridge was out of commission for repairs that lasted several years. It does not seem much further in distance, but it does add one more long hill. I tried to make mental notes of where to turn, landmarks I might look out for.

The electronic road sign is not particularly helpful. It just says Road Closed 8/5 Find Alternate Route. It seems like, if you have an electronic sign capable of it, you could give some rudimentary directions, maybe a helpful street name. Instead, I am left to wander within the limitations of a car gps and my vague recollections.

Aside from one wrong turn that led me down to a dirt road, I managed to find my way back to Cushman Village, which I hope will have bypassed the construction. Tomorrow, the truth will out. (Isn't that what Mr. Weasley said?)

It feels like it has been a long week. Today was a busy day. It was a two cup of coffee day. A can't eat lunch until after 3 pm day. But, it also felt like a productive day, a good day. Class went well, it felt fun, it felt like we were doing good things. 

Band practice was cancelled. We won't be practicing in the basement for a while again. An abundance of caution.

Take care, be safe, be well,



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