Day 505, August 4, 2021

Thoughts Over a Joe Pass Solo

Tonight's Soundtrack: The Oscar Peterson Quartet, feat. Joe Pass, Japan 1987

What comes next? 

I've ridden so much this week my knee is rebelling. 
It is particularly sensitive going downhill, 
down steps.
It is not the weight and pressure
that causes pain,
it is the release of it,
the lifting of the foot 
off the ground.

My new Korean masks
are a little too small
for my fat head.

Soon, I will be on vacation.

I knocked over a microphone stand
this morning
and broke the shock mount
protecting a condenser microphone.
It had lasted years,
a decade perhaps,
without mishap.
Today was the microphone's
unlucky day.

I am imagining being a band leader.

Tomorrow will be a busy day
and I will have to remember to get lunch
with my breakfast,
that kind of a day.

It is going to rain.

I am going to relish 
standing under an umbrella
as drops fall all around.
To walk among the rain drops.

Take care and be well,

This egg accidentally followed me to work and home.


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