Day 426, May 17, 2021

Just Around the Corner

Tonight's soundtrack: Herbie Hancock, Maiden Voyage, Munich, 1989

Just a short snippet tonight.

I received shot #2 this morning, and in two weeks I will have state of the art immunity and maybe masks will be less obligatory and I might be able to consider indoor dining again. 

Today was a full day. I don't seem to have any side effects yet except tiredness and a slight sore throat, but that might be from the salsa I had with lunch. Sometimes that happens to me, a slight swelling in the throat. 

This weekend we met up with some friends for a gathering around a fire pit. It was the first time we've hung out with anyone since last year and the last warm days of late fall. I think we were nervous, but also excited, and it was wonderful. Our host brought out a guitar and we spent the last bit of the evening taking turns sharing songs. One could almost imagine that it hadn't been a year since we last sat around together. 

We also picked up four new chicks from the Farm on a Rock in Colrain. They had a bunch of guniea hens wandering around the yard. They seemed so marvelous looking strolling happily along with a very affectionate cat. Our new chicks are teenagers and we let them stay outside all day today in a separate enclosure from the two older hens. They played with the knotweed I put in the pen, and the big hens circled around curious.

So it has been a busy and event filled few days here, and today work ran long and then Franklin needed a walk, so I'm calling it a night.

But, it is nice to feel optimistic about possibility, just around the corner. 

Take care and be well,


From Our Friends:

From Higher Ed Jobs:

Establishing LGBTQ+ Community at Community Colleges 
by Andrew Hibel

In April's Higher Ed Careers interview, during Community College Month and Campus Pride Month, HigherEdJobs spoke with Nicole Collins and Beth Ann Wright from Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona. They shared their thoughts, goals, and practices on establishing LGBTQ+ community at their community college.

Addressing STEM Gender Equity through Institutional Systemic Change 
by Ann E. Austin and Sandra Laursen, Ph.D.

Within academe, we are not yet tapping fully into the expertise available throughout the population. Women and people of color continue to be underrepresented within the ranks of academe, especially within the STEM fields. The Authors of "Building Gender Equity in the Academy: Institutional Strategies for Change" provide an in-depth look at the issue and argue a systemic approach is necessary for change.

From the Five College Center for East Asian Studies:

Featured Resource

The University of Chicago Center for Art of East Asia presents an amazing digital collection of 96 scroll paintings that you can use for your own personal study or in the classroom. This site was created in collaboration with twelve museums around the world and gives you unprecedented access to these resources depicting key historical and cultural people, places and events.


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